UPDATE: Our newest VR game, Kurja Demo has launched on Oculus/Meta App Lab!

Welcome, internet adventurer! 🖖🏻 We assume you’re either

  • fellow gamer 🕹
  • VR enthusiast 🥽
  • wanna-be futurist 🦾
  • IT-oriented investor 💸
  • all of the above 🤹🏻‍♂️
  • ..or simply a curious soul 😂

dReal is a Finnish startup gaming company, focused currently on Oculus Quest. It’s a non-tethered standalone VR headset that was released on May 2019. Since that date, it has been constantly sold out all around the world. Coincidence, eh?

No! We firmly believe that Quest is the precursor that will transform the fledging VR genre from gimmick into the mainstream. This is the optimum moment to start creating AWESOME games and other content for the VR platform. Regarding that list above, we are interested in all of the types mentioned. But in this first phase, we want to set up a dream-team that’ll be the core in our creativity machine for future VR games.

So if you are a game developer – or WANT to be one – please read further… 😉