Areena VR

Even before making Whack-em-All! – Jussi thought that they had it all figured out, and set to recreate the legendary Finnish indie game “Areena 5” in virtual reality. The start was surprisingly fun to try out for the first times:

Somebody form our team was able to add hands and stick movement to the “game”

We even managed to get sword and enemy damage/hit implemented in some shoddy way..

But at the end of the day, we noticed that a way too similar typed gladiator game, Gladius, was under development. And Honestly, looked and felt way better. So we scrapped the idea of making a gladiator combat game, which in hindsight was a good call… even tho none of the several gladiator combat games have the depth that we were imagining… ⚔😂

Builder aka Raksapeli

Constucting & building things and VR is a match made in heaven. So early on, we started to toy with the idea of having a game where you actually build a house. 🏠

First and last footage of the “gameplay” for Raksapeli

We dreamed of making a game about building houses from most basic of components, such as planks, nails, bricks by using real tools in a realistic manner. After dabbling with a prototype for a week, we received an information that the popular PC game “House Flipper” was coming to VR and Quest platform, so we readily dropped this idea in favor of something truly unique. Turned out that House Flipper VR was nothing like we imagined, so we could’ve definitely beaten that competetition… right? 😂