Kurja Demo v0.3 released on App Lab, SideQuest & Itch.io

We’ve noticed that Kurja has MUCH to play for a demo of a game… and as a consequence, many players are not even able to reach the second level where you get to fly around with the Magic Carpet and blast enemies with more and more powerful spells.

So today we released an update to the game with checkpoint for the first (walking) level, so you can pick up where you left and be able to reach the later levels.

The intro level / cave how gives you access to ALL levels you’ve managed to reach. There are three of em, all compleltely different! ✌🏻😎

Also, couple of bugfixes in the same mix. We hope you all enjoy this update and get to fly that rug! 😂

Get the updated version right away from App Lab, SideQuest or Itch.io:

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