Magic Carpet goes VR

Kurja is an upcoming game for virtual reality platforms such as Oculus Quest. And you can try out the demo for free

You are chosen to be the next apprentice of a mighty wizard. You will be tried by the old sage and his tests for the grand journey that awaits you. Will you be up for the challenge and rise up as the chosen one or fail like many already have before you? 

Kurja has adventure, puzzles, magic and combat to challenge you, young apprentice. Oh, and a flying magic carpet – previously unseen in virtual reality! 

Obtain your wizard toolset for the quest in front of you, weave your spells as it is supposed to be done, collect the gear for the spirit of an old Wizard who tags along you and get ready to be amazed by the mysterious world of Kurja. 

This is the demo of an upcoming full title for all adventure hungry Questers! The current demo offers main gameplay features (exploring, puzzling, flying, collectibles, spells, combat & interactable familiar) for you to experience for free. Any feedback you have for us will be valued highly and can impact the gameplay and features in the final product. 


Game Features

  • Adventuring: The game centers on the premise of getting thrown into a strange world where you have to explore to find its secrets. 🗺
  • Puzzles: Lots of progress in the game requires puzzle-solving brains, hands and ingenuity, which is tenfold more fun in VR. 🧠
  • Magic: Spells are stored in your spellbook and you need to draw the spells in correct manner to charge them up appropriately and powerful. ✨
  • Flying: It has been way too many years since gamers have been able to fly on a magic carpet. And now you can do it on Virtual Reality! 🤩
  • Combat: World of Kurja is inhabited by many creatures and beings who are bound of stopping you. Glad you’ve equipped with means to counter that. ⚔
  • Dynamic Terrain: Yes, you can wreck the landscape with your powerful spells! 💥
  • Familiar Skull: In the beginning of your advendure, you get tagged along by a floating skull, who seems to be guiding and helping you. 💀
  • Storyline: You are the fresh apprentice of a mighty wizard. Not the first, but could you be the last? 🧞‍♂️

Try the demo!

Download and install Kurja demo the easiest way, the App Lab way:

You can alternatively use SideQuest and install from there as well:

Alternatively, you can also download the demo apk file from our page for free, beginning 23th of December! For installation, you will need developer mode enabled and use a tool like SideQuest to install the apk to your Quest headset.

The technicalities..

Privacy Policy for our app.

Terms and Conditions for our app.


We would LOVE to hear your feedback on our first commercially-aimed project. Try the demo and drop a comment below or contact us via our Twitter account @dRealDoesVR.

4 thoughts on “Kurja Demo

  1. Panasony Reply

    Do you have savepoints?
    After playing for a long time, I felt sick.

    • jussi Post authorReply

      Hi Panasony! Yes, the game saves your progress in the first (aka walking) level. You get to continue rougly where you got the previous time πŸ™‚

  2. Ninja Duck Reply

    How do I drop the dang shield & hammer and regain access to the spell book & carpet. I equipped them in flight, which evaporated the carpet out from under me, and dropped right into a deep hole I’d blasted in the terrain with the field nuke.
    β€œI’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.”
    Kinda engrossing up until then, well done. πŸ™‚

    • jussi Post authorReply

      Shield and Hammer are temporary buffs. If all works, you should regain access to both spellbook and carpet. BUT we also encountered a bug or two in the hammer switching bits n pieces, so it might not be 100% bulletproof…

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